Monday, 3 March 2008

the birmingham secret wars final is march 22nd in the rainbow warehouse


our birmingham final approach's

get ready for..

newso v's kungfo

2 rooms in the rainbow warehouse, digbeth
funktion 1 soundsystem
best venue in burnin'em ;)

live sets from
guardians of the ancient wisdom
evolucian, elliot fresh, heartless p (livestock)

dj's already include..
adamn noise
zeit + nerdlinger
boogie dave
some very very special guests

click this image to open more info at the spinner blogger

click this image to open more info at the spinner blogger

visit the secret wars news room on the new spinner? forum
here -

watch for print flyers hitting the street this week

ta me ducks

Thursday, 28 February 2008

trailer park beats - july12th 08 - rainbow warehouse EXCLUSIVE NEWS


i can confirm that "trailer park beats"
"the big dirty"
the rainbow warehouse
july 12th

confirmed so far..

rusko and caspa
2hr b2b set

2nd drop family

tes la rok (tbc)

boogie dave
adamn noise

+ more artists tbc!

dubstep all night
2 rooms
funktion 1 soundsystem
the full shabang

the cats out the bag
graphics are immenent
ticket will be available very soon too..

put that date in your diary

and watch for more news next week
you'll get it here first

forum thread here

peep caspa's myspace here

many thanks

big shout to all involved

Sunday, 17 February 2008

secret wars semi final brum - pb vs newso / agent vs kungfo

my morning after blog..
also at
- seeds

i'm weak at the knee's
i've had about 2 hrs sleep
i think i'm still mildy intoxicated

but i have to write this up before it starts slipping from my memory..

its 9pm
there was hardly anyone about and i thought to myself
"maybe we're gonna have a quiet secret wars semi final here?! surely not..?"
but surely not indeed, as the door starts getting a pounding by half past and a ton of secret wars fans started flooding in.. as the clock hits 10 i thought we'd better get started, and with the 4 artists finally collected together (phill blake v's newso / agent v's kungo) we take a stroll out to the smoking area and discuss who's gonna get the board with a slightly dodgy join in the middle of it (no one really wanted it, although it really weren't that bad lol)
after much coin tossing and general drunkeness i eventually get the artists to pull straws... an unlucky newso got the shortest and therefore the gnarly panel.
and off they go..

"unleash the lions" said sloba..
and they were all growling from the outset :)

Agent, looking quite hammered, went straight in big and attracted the crowds attention immediately with a mad head with its lid removed..
next door to him his opponent Kungfo was furiously hammering lines of perspective out, to his right Phill Blake slowly kicked off with a selection of "ladyshapes" beginning to appear and then Newso with his "bad" board was in the same frame of mind as Agent with big stuff going straight in..
it was apparent that all 4 wanted to win, badly. you could almost smell the hunger..
a huge crowd looked on.. pressure built by the second.

dj Skunkboy and Heartless p totally tore the roof off for an hr and we were in full swing..
then (as no Reeps 1 appeared, what happened to you mate??) Basix (Rupert) from scratch club birmingham did a showcase human beatbox set.. damn that guys hyperactive!
judges boogie Dave (drop beats not bombs) the go go plastics crew and Mikey sweden all looked on with their work obviously cut out.
and all this time, more and more people are flooding into the jam..
bigger than barry gets the rainbow rammed out, but it was literally as busy by half 10/11ish..
big ups to everyone who reached. you made the walls sweat.. we love you.

a few audio tech problems later and Evolucian, Elliot fresh and Heartless wreck the backroom with dope live uk hip hop, and the front of the pub is bouncing with Adamn noise and Didi giving it some heavy stepper bussssinizzzzzzz..
the artists had an hr left and everyones work was top notch.. it was anyones for the taking by the half way mark.. gents lift off head character was forming nicely by now with a variety of odd stuff coming out the top, Kungfo's lines were now becoming a mad grid full of his trademark cats, and Phill's ladyshapes had now become "secret whores".. Newso now had a giant beast up and some very nice lettering going on..

we open the 5th box of grolsch and everyone in the place is enjoying the secret wars vibe..

so its crunch time.

we started with the crowd votes for Agent and Kungo..
and there was hardly anything in it, but Kungfo just took it by a decibel or 2
then we moved to the next crowd vote for Phill and Newso
again hardly anything in it, but Phill took it...
1 vote for Kungo
1 vote for Phill
so i pull out the envolopes from the judges and felt a bit like we were at our very own secret oscars.. a vote for Agent.. and another vote for Kungfo.
finalist number 1 is declared - Kungfo
same deal with 2 more envolopes..
but unluckily for Phill, Newso gets 2 staight judges votes and takes it..
and we have your second finalist - Newso

and there it is.. breathe out.

everyone proceeded to party hard for the remaining couple of hrs, big props to everyone involved in making the sounds so dope.. and a massive shout to all the punters who really did make some noise all round..

now there can be only one

MARCH 22nd

you know what to do.. ;)
flyer on its way

quality photo's from this semi coming real soon
(if your one of our photo folks, get at me!
* i left my phone in sheffield friday night so email me yeah ;) ..doh)

congrats to the winners and unlucky to the losers

"there's a war going on outside, no one is safe from.."

get ready for the final



props out to all the artists
lyd x
slobadan the man that can
ad, lee and the rainbow crew
evolucian, elliot fresh + heartless p
adamn noise, eva, verity, all staffs crew
carlos and asif on the door (we'll sort you some tee's, i threw em all out into the crowd)
boogie dave
go go plastics crew
jimmy, n4, salter, tra, nuk, mandoo, leyton, linds etc
all the brum peeps
base (mad mate!)
skank at the bench
pete and the bar staff (fine work ;)
everyone who came out and represented.
ecko watches
and all the sponsors
and a big shout to skink and el tel

now i sleep lol



a few foto's i've found online (monday 18th)


phill blake

kungfo (early on this foto is..)

agent (detail taken from the top of a larger characters head)

heartless p tears it down

big up edding as always ;)

back soon with vids and stills galore..
i did actually have a camera's worth. Until i lost my camera in the chaos
however, we have poloroids, digitals and video coming, stay tuned.

Seeds (big up sloba!)
secret wars birmingham

Monday, 11 February 2008

big dub and breaks in middle earth

this weekend hurt my head ..and my foot
but that was a seperate incident involving the stubbing of a lil' toe
anyway.. i ramble

i write with news live and direct from the centre of middle earth,
down the road from birthplace of tolkien himself (moseley ..apparently)
there's allsorts occuring.

while i think about it
"mikey" who wanna do that billboard business.. if your reading
get at me

so heres a few dates, n flyers n ting i have noticed/heard about in the last week or so..
(i'll be back to update this and scan flyers as i remember stuff lol)

march 1st - flylife @ the rainbow pub - NEXTMEN

march 14th - Hytal Bosrah, King Earthquake, Mighty Tabot
@ the rainbow pub/ warehouse? (not sure, think warehouse)
big up Derrick
keep your eye here for details

trigger - infra bass rave - sat 12th April
@ the rainbow warehouse

from forum thread @ nuskool breaks -
big up KsmK
gonna be huge

Secret Wars final - march 22nd @ the rainbow warehouse
the can be only one...
Defdfires LIVE
Guardians of the ancient wisdom LIVE
Evolucian + Livestock fam live
+ more
advance tickets + more info soon

(ppssst - we got s wars tee's! holla if your interested..
like rockin horse shit these mate!)


Thursday, 7 February 2008

secret wars - 16th feb - be there...

kna mean!

this ones gonna be mighty
2 battles
one night

we have the whole of the rainbow

some more details..

When: 16th Feb 2008
Time: Doors open @ 7pm – Battles starts @ 9pm
Where: the rainbow pub, digbeth, birmingham
Door: £3
Who: 2 battles in 1 night!! Phill Blake V's Newso / Agent V's Kungfogienihi
extra!: We have both the front and back of the Rainbow this time around..
so expect more deejays and even more of a party!
Entertainment: Live beatbox battle featuring Reeps1 / DJ's in both front and back / dj's include Skunkboy, Slobadan, Seeds, S.Nedlinger, Adamn Noize + more!

don't sleep...

we're back in effect!

wassup peeps

the spinner? satellite has been redirected and its gametime
2008 brings much lovelyness including..

new spInterviews from some very special guests
the secret wars birmingham series
an all new forum
new features and event reviews
all new audio recordings and podcast action
midlands (uk) events and listings
new monthly cover designs
and much more..

wanna get involved?
e-mail seeds on

keep rotating and add us to your favourtites!

back soon...