Monday, 11 February 2008

big dub and breaks in middle earth

this weekend hurt my head ..and my foot
but that was a seperate incident involving the stubbing of a lil' toe
anyway.. i ramble

i write with news live and direct from the centre of middle earth,
down the road from birthplace of tolkien himself (moseley ..apparently)
there's allsorts occuring.

while i think about it
"mikey" who wanna do that billboard business.. if your reading
get at me

so heres a few dates, n flyers n ting i have noticed/heard about in the last week or so..
(i'll be back to update this and scan flyers as i remember stuff lol)

march 1st - flylife @ the rainbow pub - NEXTMEN

march 14th - Hytal Bosrah, King Earthquake, Mighty Tabot
@ the rainbow pub/ warehouse? (not sure, think warehouse)
big up Derrick
keep your eye here for details

trigger - infra bass rave - sat 12th April
@ the rainbow warehouse

from forum thread @ nuskool breaks -
big up KsmK
gonna be huge

Secret Wars final - march 22nd @ the rainbow warehouse
the can be only one...
Defdfires LIVE
Guardians of the ancient wisdom LIVE
Evolucian + Livestock fam live
+ more
advance tickets + more info soon

(ppssst - we got s wars tee's! holla if your interested..
like rockin horse shit these mate!)


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